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I have been enchanted by stories since childhood.   So it was perhaps unsurprising that I became an Organization Development Consultant, untangling the unhealthy stories being lived out in organizations and introducing better visions for the future.

Understanding that everything is interconnected means knowing that each one of us is inseparable from the wellbeing of the collective. Groups give us a forum to embrace this truth.

I have been a professional facilitator for many years and I love the dynamics of group learning, sharing and the creation of magic that occurs.  From the professional realm of leading conferences, training, action learning sets, executive team development and designing change forums to the world of energy, meditation, body practices, ceremonies and inquiry circles, there is always something new being created which we all benefit from.

I am based in Glasgow, I am also in London for one week every month, and I regularly visit Edinburgh.  My offerings will be available in all these locations.

Customised workshops

The Upcoming workshops are just a sample of the workshops I offer,  All workshop content can be tailored to address individual contexts and time frames.  If you are interested in my work for a particular group or setting please contact me to discuss how I can design something just for you which will meet your needs.


I provide short talks for small groups and enterprises for a nominal fee.  Fees for professional gatherings are negotiable on request.  Contact me for more details. Here are a few…

A sampling of available workshops

Women’s leadership circle

This new Women’s leadership circle is a six-week series of classes that offer women an opportunity to grow together as a group with creative approaches for leading with integrity. Management…

Inner Union

This is an approach for people who are interested in expressing both their masculine and feminine sides to create greater harmony in their lives.  It is a great way to…

Living the dream

Living the dream is a workshop for uncovering the messages and wisdom that our dreams offer us when we pay attention and find the keys to unlock them.   Dreams…

Introduction to the Goddess

This is an introduction to The Thirteen Moon Goddess archetypes and approaches to ceremony.  It is an opportunity to create or renew your relationship with the feminine aspects of the…

Monthly Celebrations

Deep diving into the Feminine women’s groups

I am making an open invitation for women in Glasgow, Edinburgh and London who are interested into deep diving into the soul of womanhood.  What does a Deep diving into…

Storytelling Circle

Practice, Learn, Enjoy, Enchant. For apprentice and practiced storytellers, poets and writers This is an open invitation to share the stories and poems we treasure and to bring out new…