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Everything wants to tell its story or have its story told

Everyone is a storyteller.  We tell stories all the time.  Those stories shape our lives.  Professional storytellers have a huge store of stories they have learnt or written along the way.  So do we.  When we grasp our stories they give rise to expansion.

 Everything in life wants to be welcomed.  As we work with stories, myths, archetypes and dreams, we invite the very essence of our selves to step into our fuller destiny. Through stories, we can tap into patterns of wisdom shared across the ages. Learning new ways of expressing our selves is the very essence of storytelling.

“I came in with several different experiences of working with dreams and I certainly found this one very helpful. That’s a bit of an understatement. It was for me at times very profound indeed.”

– Zen practitioner and therapist, Scotland

“Thanks for last night’s powerful ceremony and archetype. Lovely to witness the group continuing to blossom and grow…Beautiful, Thank you.”

– Dancer, Scotland

A word about archetypes

Archetypes are patterns in life that humans have recognised over millennia. They are energetic building blocks for living.  Some archetypes recur in very similar ways across all traditions.  Others can be difficult to to recognise at first because of cultural diversity.

Archetypes are like meta-models that shape our lives and they occur throughout the natural world.  Human archetypes include mother, hero, victim and wise man/woman. Other archetypes can be sacred such as Goddesses and Gods, animals, plants, planets, and geometry or in wisdom tools such as the Chinese I Ching.

Focusing on archetypes brings those qualities into our lives, often in very powerful ways.   When we recognize the archetypal patterns that we each carry, we can build on our strengths with confidence.  We can also seek out archetypes that are new to us in order to claim potent but neglected aspects of our selves.   Stories and myths are wonderful ways to access archetypes.  Our dreams also give us insight into the archetypal parts of ourselves that are hidden from us when awake.  In all these different ways of connecting with archetypes, we gain insight about the patterns that weave uniquely through each human heart.


God/Goddess moving through us all

Shereen is a theatre director who identifies as queer.  Until recently she has felt that Goddess language excludes her.  Through a simple personalised ceremony and Goddess card reading she found a very potent image for her life.