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The Weave of Life:

Our senses are gateways to freedom

Sensuality is about enhancing all our senses.

Babies delight in their body because they use all their senses to understand their world.   This can get lost as we grow up.  Focusing on our bodies again can reignite our connection with our feelings and sensations allowing us to expand into a more spacious  and exciting reality.

When we bring this into our relationships, we can transform restricting habits.  This leaves us free to claim the joy of our bodies.  Then we can be in more playful and sensual relationship with our partners and with our creativity.

Enhancing our creative life force

We know the vitality of our life force is centred in the lower torso where new life is conceived and born.  There are living ancient traditions from many cultures that access the powers of creativity, revitalizing life forces and the ‘second brain’ in the guts.  Becoming more sensitized to our senses fills us with more energy, information and aliveness.

“It’s bigger than sexuality, it’s feeling all the power for life that I already have.”

– Therapist, Scotland

“It’s like you’re like a midwife freeing my energies”

– Female peace keeping forces member, Central African Republic

We can ask

Am I really living a vital, heartful life?
Do I have  the intimate relationships I want in my life?
How can I listen to the creative intelligence of my body?

Some natural outcomes include

  • More potency in the sacral area – the seat of sexuality and creativity
  •  Enlisting this potency for your heart’s desire
  • Stronger relationship with your feelings and sensations and energy

    Together we

    • Explore what limits and what expands you in claiming your heart-centred power
    • Identify where you have ease and where you might be out of alignment
    • Feel for the potent forces of life in your alive, present sensations

What is the Work About

This work is about becoming more sensual.  This means tolerating our feelings so they flow through us without getting stuck in our habitual responses to life.  We let the intelligence of our bodies talk to us.

When we decide to claim the wholeness of our body-system, the attention we bring to body stimulates our life force.  Greater  life force is then available for creativity and intimacy. We enhance our vitality, becoming more radiant.  We then have more energy for choosing the life we want to have.


Mum, not numb

Mhairi is a mother with a disabled daughter who was finding family life challenging.  Her relationship with her partner needed attention.

The man who found himself

Martin is an unrecognised intelligent young man  He came to me with a history of poor relationships.

The Tipping point

Elizabeth is a psychotherapist who felt she been neglecting her sexuality.  She had lots of scattered, unfocused energy when she arrived.