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The Weave of Life:

Power comes through alignment with your heart

Our natural power can be quiet, gentle and tender.  It can also be forceful and asserting.  It comes from the truth of whom we are when all parts of us are in harmony.  The seat of power is the heart’s capacity to effortlessly know what is right for us.  To harmonize we need to honour our hearts’ directives.  These messages are found with simple body focus.

Beyond Power Plays

We all have experience of power being asserted over us.  As a senior manager and organization consultant for over twenty years, overcoming distorted power plays was a big part of my job.  These contexts showed that real power is not something that is given with a job, a role or a relationship.

Our Power is our true nature. Choosing to aligning heart and mind releases power for all aspects of our lives.

“You are a breath of fresh air.  I can feel all the pieces coming back together when I remember my heart and why I am doing this.”

– Senior Factual Executive BBC, England

“You certainly played a part in opening up my skills and confidence.  That you seem so unafraid to be yourself was an inspiring example of how a powerful woman can be in the world and others are not intimidated by it.”

– Artist, Oxford

We can ask

What’s impacting my self-expression?
What can I be like at my very best?
What helps me to hold my own and thrive?

Some natural outcomes include

  • Naming the qualities of your natural power when you are true to yourself
  • Reclaiming your wholeness by taking back forgotten or disowned parts of yourself and dropping false masks
  • Transcending ‘power plays’ with the power of a deeper inner congruence

Together we

  • Explore what limits and what expands you in claiming your heart-centred power
  • Identify where you have ease and where you are out of alignment within yourself
  • Investigate where misuse of power has restricted your life

What is the work about

This work is about unlocking your unquenchable power by aligning through your heart.  Most of us do not live in this way all of the time, but as we learn to keep returning to our centre, our power expands.  Your nature is unique.  Your power comes from living out this uniqueness fully.


A Vintage Heart

Sarah is a corporate lawyer who decided to develop a career in the wine industry.  She started with completing some specialist qualifications.

True Grit

An open minded Chief Operating Officer for a US finance company undertook an unconventional three-day retreat with me on his ranch in Texas.