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The Weave of Life:

We have access to so much more than we think we know

We often speak about lucky hunches.  This deeper information arrives as signs, symbols and synchronicity which are often beyond words.  Many successful senior managers I have worked with can tune in to this information.  This gives them the ability to find the right action at the right time in complex and chaotic situations.

Right timing and Synchronicity

By ‘knowing’ I don’t mean knowing something intellectually.  I mean what Buddhists call ‘prajna’.  This is intuitive wisdom; the holistic understanding that comes before analytic thought.  Nature is a system of intelligence.  The connections within the weave of life have rhythm, flow and patterns.  When we tap into those patterns we expand what we can know beyond our conscious thinking.  Right timing is one of the potent results.

“I have a growing sense of my energy and power. And I believe that seeing you gave me a key that I already had but hadn’t had the awareness to pick up and use.”

– Counsellor, Scotland

We Can Ask

How responsive to non-analytic intelligence am I?
How do I recognize hunches and act on them more?
How can I develop more ‘discernment’; the capacity to make fine distinctions?

Some natural outcomes include

  • Skills to cut through confusion, self-doubt and lack of trust
  •  Capacity for more highly developed internal validation
  • Developing a centred stillness when required and enhanced listening skills

Together we

  • Develop channels of perception to recognize and receive more subtle information
  • Read situations and circumstances for the stories they tell and the signposts they show
  • Improve attention and intention through meditative and movement approaches

What is the Work About

When we act as if we are interconnected with the larger whole, our intelligence expands exponentially.  Sometimes as we start to live this truth we can become overwhelmed with the information that is coming in and find it difficult to distinguish what we need to pay attention to.  We start to ‘see’, ‘feel’, ‘hear’ knowledge that is beyond our everyday cognitive minds and experience.  This challenge is about how to make sense of all the new information we are receiving.

At other time in our lives we can be disturbed by a sense of something vital that is missing or just on the edge of our awareness that we can’t quite grasp.  Life may feel very concrete and plodding because our intuitive channels have become dull or under-utilized.  Then the challenge is to learn to tune into our senses.  Pleasure, joy, humour and a willingness to play are the easiest routes to this type of expansion.


Beyond the Toolbox

Mary is a Senior International Communications Consultant. She has global success but when she relocated across the world she faced new challenges.