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Personalised embodied coaching

This is about life artistry.  There are many specialist coaches but too often the choice of coach limits what you can explore together.

An executive coach knows about institutional systems and political responses but less about body intelligence.  An intimacy coach may generate responses with your life force and relationships but miss how this impacts other aspects of your life.  Our lives are not divided into boxes.  Apparently unrelated things are deeply connected.

I have been a coach for many different aspects of life.  Now I bring this wide range of modalities together to offer an holistic service for the whole person.     

“Karen is such a rare being. I cannot recommend her work enough, whatever form it takes! If you are ready for accelerated change, growth and awakening, you have a powerful ally in Karen!”

– Priestess and Teacher, USA

The Weave of Life©
A different model for coaching

You may be facing a series of challenges or feeling a burning sense of frustration.  Or your self-development may have generated new possibilities tantalizingly just out of reach.

You may be facing transitions in your life or you may be building up to a major break with the past.

You may want to bring back the aliveness of earlier stages of your life.  Or you may be full of energy and inspiration and would value support in creating your new visions.

This coaching allows you to explore all aspects of your life freely and dynamically, helping you to step into new, unexpected life streams.

The essence of your coaching session

The most important thing is that we create this process together.  I am your catalyst and guide for you to find the answers that the wise person within you knows already.


Coaching Prices and Locations

Prices and Packages

Sessions are from 1 hour.  90 minutes is recommended.

After the first session we would agree a package at a discounted rate.  Packages are usually between 4 to 6 sessions, fortnightly or monthly or intensive options.

I offer individual sessions at £150 per hour

Location and logistics

In person sessions in Glasgow, Edinburgh and in London (one week a month)

Online sessions with Skype, FaceTime, Zoom and by phone.  International appointments are booked in your time zone.

Payment Paye and Bank transfer (GB pounds/sterling)

I offer a 20 minute free consultation. Talk Now.