Beyond the toolbox

Mary is a Senior International Communications Consultant.  She has worked global in international businesses using impactful and well received strategies.   We met working together in a major media corporation and she returned for coaching as a result of a relocation.

She is involved in major life and career change that have created real instability in her life.   Her corporate executive skills and strategies were not appropriate for some of these existential life challenges. She also has deep somatic experience and finely honed ‘knowing’ skills, but sometimes we can just really do with an independent guide when life become tumultuous.  During this period she recognised that she had the opportunity to jump into the dark and seize a new way of living.

In one recent session, as  I persisted in demanding she kept returning to a present body-centred awareness she suddenly dropped all her ‘expertise’.  Instead she said, “All these tools and processes, yet it is simply about dropping in, working from my centre and staying present.”  As she settled into her body she knew what mattered most and so each step appeared in a natural order. Decision-making became simple, enabling her to establish her new life with more ease.  This was about using loving but firm challenge to keep returning her to the present through the body.