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Do I need to know where I want to start?

No, you don’t.  Some people have a very specific issue that is making their life miserable.    If so we can focus on that area, whether it is finding your unique power and how you can influence people and situations naturally, addressing intimacy and relationship issues or integrating the creativity of your mind with your body.

Other people just want to feel more fulfilled and find their inner guidance to release their potential.  So here we start with what feels like it is missing or unsatisfactory and let things unfold from there.

Another approach is for people who are finding rising energy from their practices or new creative urges perceptions that, if channeled, would manifest more inspiration in everyday life.

And some people are excited about new projects or directions that they are pursuing and want to bring all their focus to bear to birth these new aspects in their life.

What is the Weave of Life © model?

After years of refinement I came up with the ‘Weave Of Life©‘ model as a way of explaining how the body is intertwined with how we experience our lives.

At the centre of every human life is our body. We can link our thinking with the feeling body focusing on three core power centres. These are located in our head (mind and knowing), our upper torso (heart and aligned power) and our lower torso (sacral and sensuality/creativity).

Flowing around, within and through our body is the flood of inspiration that richly informs our life. This happens through the stories we tell about our selves and the world and the stories other people and the world tell us. It also involves the power of myths, the patterns of archetypes that continually come into our lives and the penetrating perceptions that our dreams bring us.

Becoming aligned, centred and available to all this is what we explore together.

How much will this cost?

I recommend blocks of four to six sessions which support continuity and are cost effective.  Coaching sessions for individuals cost £150 per hour and I recommended 90 minutes sessions which promote deep diving.  After the first session we agree together what package will suit you best and all packages will receive a discounted rate..

Coaching packages for professionals, provided by the company are of three, six (recommended) or twelve month duration. Prices available on request.

Events are individually priced.

How long is the coaching process?

Some people can get a benefit from a single session but usually it is best to start with a minimum six sessions over a regular period of time.  Fortnightly sessions often deliver the best results. We review how you are progressing at the end of each session and at the end of a block of sessions.

How do I know this is for me?

I offer a free twenty-minute consultation in person or by Skype, FaceTime, Zoom to give you the opportunity to meet me and find out if working with me feels like the right approach for you at this time.  If we both feel we have a good fit we can then move forward together.

Are there any exceptions to the introduction process?

The introduction process is a 20 minute call to establish if we are a good fit.  This is usually online or by phone.  However sometimes an in-person meeting can be useful where there are complex issues that need to be outlined.

I don’t have access to online links can we work on the phone?

Yes, it is perfectly possible to work together on the phone but most often (not always), being able to see one another gives more intimacy to our connection.

Is there any protocol for distance/online sessions?

I have worked with people all over the world with distance/online coaching including, America, Australia, Africa and Europe.  From this experience my answer is yes.

It is important to arrange your sessions when you have a quiet confidential space where you will not be interrupted.  Please ensure all phone and other devices that could interrupt you are turned off and that pets are comfortable in another room and so will not disturb you.

If you want to create sacred space, you can light a candle before we start and take 5 minutes to settle, meditate or tune in prior to our connection.

You may wish to record a session or write during or after the session so make sure you have pen and paper to hand.  If you are visual you might also want coloured pens for drawing.

What happens after a session or event?

Very often you will be in touch with new aspects in yourself.  It is very valuable directly after a session give yourself some space to allow what has come up to be integrate within you.  If you have action points or homework make sure you are clear about what these are but don’t jump into action straight away.  Giving space for your insights to land will usually enrich your ideas but also allow you to simplify your direction or starting point so that you get the greatest impact from increasing clarity

What is the cancellation policy?

Cancellation policies vary depending on whether you are undertaking coaching or an event.  I send our terms and conditions to all new clients and on request.

What happens if I am not satisfied with my experience?

If, for any reason, you do not feel that you are receiving what you want and need please raise this as soon as possible, preferably within the session or event.  You will always receive a refund if the process that we are co-creating together does not support you.

What does ‘co-creating’ a session mean?

My role is to be a guide for you to tune into your own wise woman or wise man.   My ethos is that every human being has all they need within to achieve their full potential.  So I am a facilitator for you in your own discovery process.   I am alongside you when things feel dark, confusing or even despairing and support you in finding your own clarity.

Our work is about  identifying where you want to go and what is hindering you on your way to your vision.   You have the freedom to bring up anything that occurs to you in the moment so we can continually agree where to focus next.   I help you to set sail in your own direction without imposing any one worldview as the right way.   But what I can do is share many maps of evolution that I have learnt in my own journey.

How can I learn more about your perspectives?

In addition to coaching and regular events, blogs and articles, I provide talks and regularly attend seminars.  If you are interested in my experiences and qualifications my CV is available on request.