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I am a voyager…

Throughout my life I have learned to live on the edges between many worlds.

I make connections that bridge new realities for you.  I follow patterns in life.   I interpret the stories they tell.  I bring to light the profundities of our bodies, our storylines, our visions and the Mysteries beyond.

I offer personalised embodied coaching and events.   It is about being heart-centered.  It is about being in joyful relationship with the forces of life.

I am a woman of Guyanese heritage with African roots.  I have been described as being ‘born with the light of the East’.  Asian influences touched my life from an early age.   My early life experiences also give me an empathic kinship with outsiders.  I know the inner obstacles that can prevent us speaking our whole truth, from the corporate world to alternative communities.

It is my pleasure and my mission to support freedom of expression and expansion of spirit so we can all weave brighter tapestries of our lives.

I use ‘presence’ approaches from the human potential movement, Indian and Chinese Tantrism, Zen Buddhism, Taoist Qigong (Chinese universal energy yoga), Consciousness Development Schools, Priestess Mysteries School and Dreamwork as well as practical systemic models.

I don’t interpret the world: I seek the connections that illuminate the moment.

The way I do this is through the world of our feelings and body sensations.  I am interested in how we can keep returning to our centre with discrimination and humour.  My intention is to offer ways to do this that will work with your uniqueness and foster expansion.