Expressing my true nature
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Expressing my true nature

I have wondered about my ‘purpose’ all my adult life.  Eventually I decided I would never find a purpose and so I let it go.  Finally I realised it was so close I could not see what was right before me.  It was to express my true nature.  That’s it, all of it!  All the searching for life’s meaning and the nature of Spirit has brought me to this realisation, through literally hundreds of developmental and learning environments I have dive into over the years.  I have been seeking my own depths, through a tenacious commitment to living my own autonomy.


On this journey so many people have liked and loved me, (thank you guys) and so many others have been exasperated and even appalled by me too (thank you too for the reflection you offered me!).   And therein lies the paradox of living our nature.  I believe we each have a unique flavour which is our personal gift to humanity at this time.  So inevitably different aspects clash when they rub up against each other.


We all carry shadow with our light because it is the nature of light to throw shadows at everything it meets.  Some of us can be shamed or shame ourselves with guilt, for the reactions we elicit in others.  Life can be like a monumental obstacle course of navigating others sensitivities, values and unconscious projects.  But to own my true nature is to feel and accept my inadequacies and take responsibility for holding the vision of our co-operative participation in creating our reality.


Showing our true natures is an act of intimacy because we are letting ourselves be seen.  In an unspoken way we invite the other to show up too.  Intimacy is the connection we create when we show our true selves to each other.  This I love.  This is what I seek to stimulate and facilitate in one to one and group meetings.  In every process whether we start with content or quiet reflection, our depths seek to rise from our centre and meet us with more of our essence.  It is the paying attention and the willingness to be intimate with ourselves and with those who are present that allows us to express more of our true nature.