Melody and Movement
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Melody and Movement

When I want to write a blog I move. Maybe only for 5 minutes but it returns me to my body and my body always has the potential to inspire me as energy moves through my system.  Dancers, body practitioners such as yoga and qigong enthusiasts, walkers, runners and somatic learners know this instinctively and may never have lost touch with this vitality.  For others of us who learnt to channel our understanding through thinking and meditating, it can be a long road back to being fully embodied and just remembering our physical bodies in our daily lives.  Ironically being healthy can make me underestimate the power and resource that my body represents.

When the ancients talked about the Music of the Spheres they were referring to the vibratory energy that makes up all life as it relates to the orbiting planets.  Some people actually hear these tones as high-pitched ringing sounds in their ears.  This is different from tinnitus because these are sweet toned.

We may feel the music of the spheres is symbolic of the unique song of each individual as they live their life. It is possible to understand each ‘song’ as quieter or louder, purer or discordant depending on how we are expressing ourselves in our everyday.  When in harmony with nature or our family, community or affinity groups we are producing sweeter tones and melodies.  When out of sorts, we are likely to be producing dissonant resonances that affect our balance and interactions.

This is where movement supports the tunefulness of our lives.  In the interconnecting whole of our body systems, movement shifts our energy, just like touch produces music with an instrument.  Tuning one part brings the lyrical into our world immediately.  When we want to explore our world, body-connection enlivens our inquiry with feeling.  And when we do this playfully it stimulates the joy that children access so easily because they are so willing to feel.  There is now research that shows that when we are playful we need far less repetition to build new neural pathways than when we are seriously applying ourselves.

It’s a lesson that it has taken me decades to learn, that every aspect of my intelligence and understanding is empowered by attention to and awareness of my body. Whatever I want to do, learn or create, in myself or in the world, my body intelligence is the crucial part I must always connect with.  I know how challenging it is to feel what I have been suppressing in order to get on with daily life.  And I appreciate how valuable it has been for me to find teachers and supporters along the way.  May you find the same.