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I offer personalised embodied coaching and group work in Glasgow, also Edinburgh and London (one week a month).

Ultimately, power is living in harmony with that essence of what makes you ‘you’ and expressing yourself freely as much as possible.

If you feel your life lacks power, if you are searching for clarity about who you are, what you could become or what you most need to focus on in your life, then this is for you.

This is about diving into the Weave of Life and claiming more of your potential, body and soul.

The Weave of Life®

Vitality flows when we flow with life

Each of us stands in the centre of the dynamic weave of life. When we attune the body-mind system, expansion is the natural outcome.

We liberate our Power through the heart centre, our Sensuality through the sacral centre and our Knowing through the head centre.

As we become more open and aligned, our life energies are always animated by stories, myths, archetypes and dreams as they flow through us.

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the heart of the matter



the driver of systemic energy



the mind’s inspiration

Stories, Myths, Archetypes and Dreams

the inspiration from our wider universe…

Upcoming Workshops

Deep diving into the Feminine women’s groups

I am making an open invitation for women in Glasgow, Edinburgh and London who are interested into deep diving into the soul of womanhood.  What does a Deep diving into…


I provide short talks for small groups and enterprises for a nominal fee.  Fees for professional gatherings are negotiable on request.  Contact me for more details. Here are a few…

My expertise is to weave with you the patterns that open the depth of your emerging story

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